In 1974, some friends who shared the love of Convention-Style Gospel Music, met at a local barber shop in Southern Lawrence County, Tennessee and decided to get into the publishing business. From that almost casual start, Leoma Music Company is still going strong and holding on to its original purpose: to provide young songwriters a creative outlet and get their work to those who want gospel music. The President and owner of the company, Alfred Mashburn, the Editor, James T. Putman and some board members were put in place and a legacy began. In 1992, after eighteen years of traveling and promoting the yearly song books produced by the company, Mr. Mashburn passed on to Glory. His son-in-law and daughter, Jimmy and Jessie Glass then assumed the responsibility of keeping the tradition alive. Then in 2001, after twenty-seven years of hard work as Editor, Mr. Putman moved on to Heaven. But we strive to continue the tradition started over three decades ago. We have grown tremendously over the past few years and by the grace of God, we will continue on as long as there is someone there to keep it going.

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