Mrs. Alfred Mashburn, lovingly known as Granny Mashburn, President of Leoma Music Company, passed away on May 28, 2010

   President and General Manager of Leoma Music, Jimmy Glass is a native of Lawrence  County, Tennessee, graduating from Lawrenceburg (Lawrence County) High School. After meeting and marrying Jessie Mashburn, they have attended singing schools, including the Leoma Music School which operated from the late sixties through the seventies as well as the Vaughan Normal in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Glass travel around 30,000 miles each year to various Gospel Singings across the South. They have missed only one National Gospel Singing Convention in thirty-five years! They were instrumental in reviving the Leoma School of Gospel Music in 2005.
    Jimmy and Jessie have two children: their son, Jeff, who lives in Lawrenceburg, TN. with his four children; Chase, Page, Drew and Cameron, and two step-children, Whitney and Colby; and their daughter, Jennifer, who lives in Leoma, TN. with her two children, Candy and Ethan. Mr. Glass also owns and operates Jim Glass Trucking in Lawrenceburg.  Mr. and Mrs. Glass celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in September of 2008.

     Jessie Mashburn Glass was born in Lawrence County and graduated from Loretto High School.  Her father, Alfred Mashburn, the founder of Leoma Music Company, taught singing schools in many places until he became disabled.  Jessie sang alto in the Living Waters Quartet in place of her mother and along side her father for several years. When Jessie’s father, Mr. Mashburn, became very ill, he discussed the Leoma Music Company with Jimmy and Jessie. He asked them to see that it kept on going. They promised Mr. Mashburn that with God’s help they would do their best.

Dr. Byron Reid is the editor of the Leoma Music Company. Dr. Reid is a graduate of Samford University, and works bi-vocationally as a Pharmacist, as well as his work in music as an editor with Leoma Music. He and his wife, Betty-Marie and son Nathan, are members of North Carthage Baptist Church, Carthage, TN. Byron and Betty-Marie live on their farm with their two sons, Nathan Stewart Reid and James Isaac Michael Reid, in Macon County, Tennessee.

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